Ganga sagar Industries are amongst few organized players of the cattle feed industry in Punjab, catering to the needs of animal nutrition through our products.

Ganga Sagar Group of Industries

Known for its quality product, and fast delivery service

Our good team creates great product. They are the innovators, the leaders, the hard worker. Nothing would be possible without their talent. We recognize the importance of encouraging relationships that reflect our culture of strong ethics and mutual respect.



Ganga Sagar Industries is one of the best manufacturers of natural cattle feeds. The Company caters to the needs of the milk producers of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Utter Pardesh. Company operates a 300 MT per month plant, with a state-of-the-art Quality Control Laboratory.在山上把村花要了

In India cattle and livestocks are among the basic building blocks of the rural economy. Over the years, these have been affected by a scarcity of quality food and other nutritious feed. Ever sensitive to India鈥檚 agrarian sector, the company launched best products with balanced diet for the cattle.

Ganga Sagar cattle feed combines the energy rich ingredients of oil cakes, cereals, brans, molasses, salt, mineral mixture, Vitamins etc. to produce a mixture that ensures best results.